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About Archifest

Happening from 6 – 31 October 2012, Archifest will be a month-long festival that celebrates the urban environment and the communities that make it come alive. Organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects, Singapore’s only architecture festival returns with new programmes to enable a wider audience to engage in various conversations about our city; it will be more than just beautiful buildings and neat streets. Archifest aims to consider the city in new ways - its people, spaces and the way we inhabit it. Join us in exploring this little red dot we call home!

Rethink Singapore 2012

This year's theme for Archifest is Rethink Singapore. To imagine a city of the future, old urban moulds must be shed and new definitions made. Archifest 2012 hopes to place our city under new light and through new lenses, rethinking and reframing Singapore as an urban ecosystem, beyond singular architectural projects. Through this month-long festival, we hope to engage different communities to step up, collaborate, participate and rethink the city. We believe that the city belongs to all of us!

Previous editions

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

The Team

Theodore Chan, Advisor
2012/2013 President, Singapore Institute of Architects

Mark Wee, Chairman
Council Member, Singapore Institute of Architects

Patrick Lee, Deputy Chairman 
Council Member, Singapore Institute of Architects

Christina Thean
Council Member, Singapore Institute of Architects

Adib Jalal
Festival Director

Stella Gwee
Festival Producer

Rachel Koh
Festival Editor

Festival Director's Message

At six years old, a child in Singapore would be at the cusp of entering a new world as he commences his Primary School education and starts a journey towards becoming a more confident and independent person. Similarly, the six year old Archifest sees itself stepping boldly into new territories in 2012.

With a new team at the helm building upon the great work done over the past five years, we challenged ourselves to imagine what Archifest could be over the next five years and then set the foundations for it. We reinvented our branding and sharpened the focus of the Festival. We initiated new signature programmes such as the Archifest Pavilion, the Archifest Party and a pop-up school called the School of Urban Ideas. We tweaked the format and direction of the traditional Forum, Architours and Fringe Events line-up. And perhaps most importantly, we actively set out to create a platform and invite the community to come together and celebrate ideas about the city. In fact, this year sees the participation and support of more schools, organisations, government bodies, private companies and creatives including those beyond the architecture and urban design industry, galvanising together to create this festival.    

The line-up of programmes that you see in this year's festival has been curated so as to provide a variety of entry points to conversations about the built environment that we live in. With events ranging from enriching exhibitions to hands-on workshops and even picnics, we hope to have everyone including professionals, students and the general public, experience our city in new ways and look at it through new lenses this October.

Let's celebrate ideas about the city. Let's rethink Singapore.

Adib Jalal,
Festival Director